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    1662 Queen St W
    Toronto, ON M6R 1B2, Canada
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    Monday8am - 11pm
    Tuesday- Closed -
    Wednesday8am - 11pm
    Thursday8am - 11pm
    Friday8am - 11pm
    Saturday8am - 11pm
    Sunday8am - 11pm
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La Nuova Era

Espresso Anyone?

The Pinball Cafe is all about having fun, but one thing we take seriously is coffee. Our two group La Nuova Era espresso machine is the top of the line and we serve Kitimai Coffee, sourced from the best plantations in the world and locally roasted to provide a rich and satisfying coffee experience every time. Fair trade and certified organic.

Learn more at http://www.kitimai.com/

Nickel Brook Root Beer

Now featuring Nickel Brook brewery Babbling Brook old fashioned root beer! This is the real stuff. Actual honest to goodness brewed roots and cane sugar. The best root beer I have ever tasted.