4 Features to Prioritize When Buying a Fast Electric Surfboard

4 Features to Prioritize When Buying a Fast Electric Surfboard

Electric surfboards are an intriguing innovation that resembles fun boards or longboards. An electric surfboard uses lithium batteries and an electric motor to glide the surfer through any water surface. The battery determines how long you can surf on an electric surfboard. They feature lengths from 7 to 9 feet. Another interesting fact is that electric surfboards are made from light carbon fiber and are incredibly fast. What more should you know from these fast electric surfboards?

How to buy a fast electric surfboard

Whether you want a surfboard for personal use or want to surprise a loved one, your goal should be to buy the best choice in the market. However, that will not be possible if you don’t know the key things you must prioritize. Knowing these things guarantees a quality purchase and value for money. Let’s look at some basic features to consider when buying a fast electric surfboard.

Board type

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an e-surfboard is the board type. There are three types of electric surfboard boards. The first one is the general electric surfboard which looks like a traditional surfboard but is more powerful and speedy. The electric stand-up paddleboard comes second, and it is one is less powerful than a general electric surfboard. Finally, the third board type is the hydrofoil. This type comes with an additional hydrofoil elevating surface. Therefore, you can place one foot above the water while keeping the other in the water. Understanding the board types and what to expect will help you make the right choice.


The construction is also a factor to consider when choosing a fast electric surfboard. An electric surfboard features two parts; the body and battery slot. Ensure to check the board’s construction to ensure its durability and functionality. A correctly constructed electric surfboard will elevate your surfing experience. You do not want to end up with something you don’t want.


The thickness of the electric surfboard is also worth considering. An electric surfboard’s thickness influences its stability, buoyancy, and balance. An electric surfboard with a lot of foam offers more buoyancy and security, and vice versa. Therefore, you should not neglect to check the board’s thickness when shopping. Check on the specifications to know how the thickness varies across the various surfboats to understand the difference in aesthetics and performance.

Weight and length

The weight and length of an electric surfboard are also worth considering. The surfboard comes in different weights and lengths depending on its manufacturer and design. When determining the ideal weight and length for your fast electric surfboard, it would help to consider your size, weight, control, and experience as a surfer. Naturally, a heavier and longer surfboard would do the trick if you have a larger body. Electric surfboard weights vary from 10 to 40 kg.


When choosing an electric surfboard, you may also want to consider the battery. The best and fastest electric surfboards on the market have a battery life of 45 minutes and above. Finally, do not forget about the surfboard’s speed and price. Our website has everything for you.