Major Themes of “Lies of the Heart”

Major Themes of “Lies of the Heart”


The novel was written by Michelle Boyajian. The story is about a woman whose husband's killer stands trial. During that trial, she learns about her marriage's hidden lines. Her husband was killed by his patients Jerry as Nick was a psychiatrist. Kattie is alone now. She is living a pitiful life. She was sitting in the courtroom, thinking about the events that led to the murder of his husband.

When Kattie thinks about the murder of her husband, she also considers her relationship with her husband. She began to feel the truth about her marriage; unravel the truth behind the grieving widow. Her sister overshadows Kattie. Her sister was beautiful; she started liking Nick when they welcomed Nick at their home, hoping that Kattie and Nick could improve themselves by fixing Nick. But it results in the loving of Kattie's sister with Nick.

Themes of the novel

Here are a few themes of the novel named by Michelle Boyajian.

1. Mystery of motive

This novel has many genres, not any fixed ones. Michelle Boyajian tries to solve Mystery throughout the book. The Mystery of motive why did the man named Jerry LaPlante kill Nick? Kattie and Nick adopted and took care of him for a long time. As it was a kind act, why did he kill Nick after that kind act of them? From where he found a gun and the bullet? And Why Kattie's sister start loving her sister's love. Boyajian tried to solve this Mystery in the novel.

2. Suspense

Death is a mystery in the novel “lies of the heart."Death was not the only Mystery in the book but. Other mysteries like the Mystery about parents and children, married couples, family, of friends. Boyajian created suspense in the novel. The tension was the central element as Kattie was unaware of the fact that her sister started liking her husband. Both of them were unaware that Jerry was thinking of murdering his doctor.

3. Self-discovery

As the story proceeds, it unfolds new secrets. So many changes marked that. Kattie imagined in her mind the tragedy of the bullet, Nick's stay in her home, feeling of her sister for her husband. All the facts lead to self-discovery of Kattie. She not only comes to know that her sister and husband were wrong, but she was also wrong for letting her husband stay at her home when she was aware she had a beautiful sister. Her sister was an attention seeker. She seeks the attention of her sister's love.

4. Wrong relationships

She was aware of the beauty of her sister, but she ignored it. If she was willing to care for her love, she just needed to keep her sister away from him. During the trail, she considers past facts about how his husband is attracted to her sister. Why they adopted Jerry? That was a big question. If Jerry was not staying in their home, nothing like murder might happen. So, according to Michelle Boyajian, an important role was played in inappropriate relationships in the novel. These bad relationships lead to the destruction of lives.


In this article, we discussed all the themes in the novel. What circumstances led to the destruction of lives and Nick's murder? Kattie constantly imagined thing what that person did with me. She was sitting in the courtroom looking into her husband's killer's eyes. Why he killed my husband ?All the novel's changes took place through Mystery and explored by Kattie within time.