Stylish Eyeglasses With Sunglasses Magnetic

Stylish Eyeglasses With Sunglasses Magnetic

The eyewear which is used to protect the eyes from harmful rays is termed sunglasses. Nowadays several brands have come up with numerous stylish eyeglasses with sunglasses magnetic. These types of sunglasses are so well designed that they work both as an eye protectant as well as a style statement. Among those brands, GlassesShop is the notable one. Along with introducing innovative ideas in various appliances.

Technology has given a shot to introduce something new and different to the world of sunglasses. GlassesShop has procured a magnetic clip-on feature on their sunglasses. This feature is present in almost all kinds of shapes of sunglasses. Not only that, but this magnetic clip-on feature is compatible with various sizes also.

The article will convey everything about the magnetic clip-on feature on several sunglasses. However, the upcoming segment of the blog will present an introductory product range of sunglasses with this magnetic feature from GlassesShop.

Product Range

1. Everett

The Everett is round-shaped eyewear that furnishes a classy look. This eyewear has wide wingtips which make the frame look D-shaped.  However, nose pads are also provided to provide the customer with an entire day of comfort. It's unisex eyewear with the SKU of FZ1528. This eyewear is made up of acetate.

2. Ben

The Ben is a rectangle-shaped Tortoise eyeglass from GlassesShop. The SKU of the product is FP1723 and is extremely lightweight. The weight of the product is mainly 18g which is 0.63 oz. Ben is a men's eyewear with bifocal properties. However, the material of the product is Ultem.

3. Bertha

The Bertha is highly fashionable and polygon clip-on eyewear. This product is made up of acetate material which is one of the most comfortable and durable materials. It's a unisex product that will provide a sunglass look to the customer. However, the SKU of the product is FZ1711 with a minimal weight of 19.60g (0.69 oz).

Advantages You Must Know

1. Protects Your Eyes From Harmful Rays

Each product of this brand will safeguard your eye from any kind of harmful rays. However, due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the UV rays can reach the earth's surface easily. To protect the eyes from these harmful rays it is very important to buy eyewear that is UV protectant. GlassesShop is one such brand that provides such eyewear to its customers.

2. Durable Magnetic System

The magnetic system is one of the attractive features of GlassesShop. This brand values its customers so they have come up with such an amazing product. The product will never let down its clients as it is highly durable.

3. Health Benefits

The magnetic system in the sunglasses allows for aided blood circulation, which results in lacking wrinkles around the eyes and improved focus since the blood will be flowing to your eyes precisely. Moreover, if you’re suffering from weak eyes lately, these magnets in your sunglasses might help you overcome such health issues since better blood flow will bring in all the required nutrients to your eyes in a proper and efficient manner.


To gain more idea about what GlassesShop is and the products offered by this brand then you have to scroll down your eyes on their website. However, this article is enough to give a clear essence of what kind of product did GlassesShop provide to its customers.