What is bone inlay furniture?

What is bone inlay furniture?

It is a traditional trend to make furniture out of camel bone. Bone inlay furniture is used worldwide, and people admire it. It has several advantages over furniture made out of steel or wood. This includes bone inlay dresser, table, drawer, sofa, stool, and many other accessories. Bone inlay furniture is manufactured by various companies all over the world. Using bones causes no threat to animals, as the bones used are of dead animals. These bones help in making solid and sturdy furniture accessories. Sometimes, hand-carved pieces of bone are embedded in the dressers, which makes them look antique. This trend is quite famous in the furniture industry and is admired by customers.

Why do people prefer bone inlay furniture?

Bone inlay dressers and other things are preferred by the people because;

  • They are firm and durable.
  • They can bear heavy weight and pressure.
  • Compared with wooden or steel furniture, bone inlay furniture does not rot or warp out.
  • They are not even sensitive to water and are corrosion-resistant.
  • They enhance the glory of your dressing room.

Characteristics of bone inlay dresser:

Bone inlay dresser is available in multiple designs, shapes, and colors. Mostly, bone inlay furniture shows intricate patterns which attract the attention of the customers. Dressers of all sizes are available according to the desire of the buyer. Companies also accept orders for furniture customization. You can also order customized furniture.

Special care:

Bone inlay dressers and other furniture require special care. They need proper cleaning on a regular basis, or else it may result in yellowish staining over the bone inlay. But if the dresser is cleaned with a damp cloth, it will maintain its glorious look. If your dresser begins to lose shine, you can use some wax or coconut oil to regain its original appearance.

Durable and strong:

Animal bones are strong enough to create a strong interior of the furniture. Gelatin is used in the transformation of bones into rigid and durable dressers, tables, chests, drawers, and sofas.


Bone inlay dressers and other furniture accessories are expensive compared to other texture furniture. This is mainly due to the bones used in making the basic structure. Furthermore, this trend is traditional and eye-catching, which increases its demand. Higher demand boosts market rates and public attention. In addition, unique floral and other designs have increased the value of these bone inlay dressers.


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Indian bone inlay furniture has earned a high position and set ranks high. So many industries have come forward and taken the step toward traditional furniture manufacturing. The furniture exhibits fine use of materials in manufacturing, and elegance is an indication of neat hand-carved work. Companies provide guarantees over their products, and a return policy increases customer satisfaction and interest.