Why Youko.tv Is A Great Option for International Dramas?

Why Youko.tv Is A Great Option for International Dramas?

You know how you sometimes get tired of watching the same old shows from your own country? Well, international dramas are like a breath of fresh air. It's like taking a trip around the world without leaving your couch on youku.tv.

You get to dive into different cultures, languages, and stories that you might not be familiar with. From Korean love stories and Spanish heist thrillers to British detective shows, there's something for everyone. The cool part? You pick up on different social cues, traditions, or even phrases from other places. So, not only do you get entertained, but you also get a little cultural learning on the side!

Why Youku.tv?

Endless Chinese Content

If you're itching for Chinese dramas, comedies, or even documentaries, Youku is like the motherlode. Seriously, it's the go-to place to dive deep into Chinese entertainment. You get to experience shows that you might never have heard of but are mega popular in China. It's a cool way to step outside your usual Netflix or Hulu picks and immerse yourself in a different storytelling style.

Variety Shows Galore

If you're a fan of variety shows, Youku is a playground. They've got shows where celebs do the craziest things or regular folks go on wild adventures. Whether it's singing competitions or travel diaries, the range is insane. Imagine America's Got Talent but with its own Chinese twists and quirks. It's like a reality TV buffet, but spicier.

User-Generated Gold

Youku isn't just about professionally produced shows. Like YouTube, it's packed with videos from regular people. This means you'll find vlogs, how-tos, and even indie series made by folks who just love to create. It's a great way to see what everyday life and pop culture are like in China, beyond what you might get from news or documentaries.

Learn While Watching

If you're trying to pick up Mandarin, what better way than to learn from the shows and movies where it's actually spoken? Sure, it's entertainment, but it's also a legit way to improve your language skills. You get to hear how real people talk in different situations, which beats textbook learning any day.

International Options Too

Although Youku focuses on Chinese content, it's not all they've got. You can find a selection of international movies and shows, sometimes even before they air in other countries. So, it's not just a one-way street; you can get a global experience while also diving into China's entertainment world.

How “I Feel Linger In The Air” Is Taking By The Storms?

The thai drama series I Feel Linger In The Air is one of the greatest series on Youku.tv. It’s the sole reason why you should be trying out international dramas on this platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re from a different part of the world other than China, most of you can still watch this awesome show.


The level of greatness in I Feel Linger In The Air is something that will drive you towards Youku.tv. From top-notch mysteries to endless drama in every episode, we’re sure that you’ll go crazy over its story synopsis.